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I am

Luca Rota Nodari

Fantasy will never

grow old, for the simple reason  

representing a flight to one  

dimension that lies beyond



           Walt Disney 

Born in 1987, Bergamasco  


Locally known as the father of the Bergamo superhero Bergaman.  Cartoonist, illustrator and author of several comics and illustrated books for children.


In recent years he has translated his colorful and light- hearted stroke to the service of companies and municipal administrations .


C lienti LRN

Schermata 2019-01-29 alle 17.37.50.png

This Creative Graphics has the intent to communicate in a light and captivating way, in fact, this is the cornerstone of the work I carry out.  I collaborate with various companies, amusement parks  of great national importance for the design of merchandising, mascots, graphics, logos, catalogs and brochures and everything that the imagination can suggest.


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