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Character Design

... the drawing puts its face in it!

 Character design is a study process that consists in the graphic realization and  character, partly also psychological, of the characters in the story created by the author. Yup  will proceed to fix the style of the physiognomy, the proportions between the various parts of the body, the attitude and posture that will distinguish the character as well as the special  quality linked to the customer's product .

Why make a mascot?


The mascots play a part, even a small part, in the heart of each of us: everyone has their favorite, they are nice and help to make us children again, even if only for a short time!
In addition to the romantic side, corporate mascots, if well done, have many features, including:


1. Get attention:  in situations of street marketing, leafleting and event promotion, mascots are a perfect way to show everyone that your company exists and is well present in the area.


2. Building an identity:  with a structured personality and a captivating name, a mascot contributes to making the company it represents more “human”.


3. Develop a "pop" charm:  what do we mean by pop? It is the effect of a free bread and Nutella tasting counter at a village fair on Sunday afternoon. Everybody likes it.

4. Promote social media marketing campaigns:  social networks are the place for dialogue and sharing; what better than a profile dedicated to our mascot to promote contact between people and the brand represented by our nice friend?


5. Fully Personalized: There is no detail that scares me, ask and it will be drawn! The customer, during the creative phase  he is in close contact with the designer who will make every kind of request a real tailor-made suit . Just like a tailor designs the suit for his client, I do the same, because each company has its own reference target and different communication objectives; moreover, I take care of its development entirely up to delivery.  


In a cultural climate where consumers are increasingly critical of brands, we think that the mascot is a good way to dissolve this tension! With a well-designed and professionally crafted mascot you can approach young and old, communicate our promotional messages to them in a fun, cheerful and non-invasive way!





Do you want a mascot ?!

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