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Creative Graphics

Recent market research has highlighted the relationship between written and visual communication,  just 20 years ago it was 80% versus 20%, while today  is exactly reversed.
80% of the public is used to informing themselves through images, animations and videos and only

20% prefer written communication.
This is why today learning to do 'visual communication' is crucial for anyone who has

to do with communication whether printed, via video, web or app.

The Image That Speaks!

Why choose creative graphics ?!


Creativity is the ability to imagine situations  and graphic solutions on a white sheet.  Creativity is listening to the customer's requests and turning them into signs or graphic images. 
I propose my business to companies and administrations that want to communicate in a different, dynamic and captivating way to better highlight your working needs. 
I mainly deal with Character design (creation of Mascots and corporate identities) fully customized illustrations or comic stories, graphics and Pop-Up also for Web platforms. 
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Creative Graphic
Creative Graphic
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